InstantSync FTP

InstantSync FTP

One-click web site updates, file sync and remote backup over FTP
InstantSync FTP v4.0
15 Apr 2014
InstantSync FTP v3.0
28 Jul 2010
InstantSync FTP v2.1
28 Oct 2008

What's new

v3.0 [28 Jul 2010]
New: Added a new setting in Options > General > Generate a warning message to transfer/error logs if transfer is retried. This setting prevents generating error logs in cases where file is successfully transferred in the end, just one or more retries were needed.
Changed: Default num of threads: 1 (was 4) to prevent problems with servers that do not allow more than one connection. You can always increase thread count in task settings (Edit Task > Options-tab).
Fixed: Bug: Options toolbar button disabled if no sync tasks exists.
Fixed: Bug: Occurs on some systems, error msg Object variable not set" if server disconnects a thread after transfer is completed but some other threads are still transferring

v2.1 [28 Oct 2008]
Move files (=transfer and delete)

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